Radeon RX 570 Drivers Download For Win 10

We help you to provide some information about how to download and install Radeon RX 570 Drivers easily. As for details about Radeon RX 570, refer to the official website www.amd.com. if there are problems in the process of downloading and installing the Radeon RX 570 Drivers, please contact us at admin@pc-centerdriver.com.

Radeon RX 570 Drivers

Radeon RX 570 Drivers Download

Support For:

Windows 10 64-bit

Radeon RX 570 Drivers For Windows 64-bit

Filename: Radeon RX 570
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Radeon RX 570 Review

Sure, the 400-series may well have primarily had the ability to run at the same rates. Yet, if even more GPUs are appearing of the wafers with the ability to run at these higher clock speeds, then AMD can assure that increased regularity without having to bin a bunch of chips that can't measure up.

Similar to the RX 580, nothing has changed in the core configuration of the RX 570. It's still shaking the same 2,048 fourth Gen Graphics Core Next (GCN) cores, 128 structure devices as well as 32 ROPs. This additionally indicates this apprentice is mighty, mighty near the configuration of its Sith Lord master card.

In regards to the power, AMD is permitting a bit extra juice via the Polaris 20 GPU inside the RX 570. Due to the higher clock speed's it currently attracts even more energy and is rated with a 150W thermal design point (TDP) in contrast to the RX 470's 120W TDP. The only other real modification is in the memory system.

The RX 570 still comes in both 4GB and also 8GB trims. However, the reference clocks for the GDDR5 memory now begin at 7GHz, providing the brand-new card a higher peak memory bandwidth rating than the RX 470. The 500-series card runs at 224GB/s while the 400-series variation is rated at 211GB/s.

Radeon RX 570 Specification

  • CORES: 2048 Units
  • INTERFACE: PCI Express x16
  • CORE NAME: Polaris 20 XL
  • MEMORY SPEED: 7000 MHz
  • CORE CLOCKS: 1268 MHz
  • MEMORY BUS: 256-bit
  • OUTPUT: DisplayPort x 3 / HDMI / DL-DVI-D
  • POWER CONNECTORS: 8-pin x 1
  • CARD DIMENSION(MM): 246 x 130 x 39 mm
  • WEIGHT (CARD / PACKAGE): 622 g / 972 g

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